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Due to Twitter API changes outside our control, we are sad to say (and like many other Twitter tools facing the same fate) Social Bearing is no longer operational. Annoucement here.

Find tweets from verified Twitter accounts

27 January, 2018 by Tom

Searching for Tweets from verified Twitter accounts is simple with Social Bearing. From the homepage, or ‘Find Tweets’ in the Search menu, simply select the Advanced Search link and check the ‘Verified’ option as shown in the screenshot below before searching for the keyword(s) or hashtag of your choice.

Verified tweet search filter in advanced search options

Finding tweets from verified users can often yield better quality and more useful results; tweets from bots, trolls and automated accounts for example rarely come from verified sources. Verified accounts in this respect can be considered more trustworthy as they have been manually approved by Twitter

Lets compare an example search for the hashtag #netneutrality with and without the verified option.

Hashtag search with the verified option selected

Hashtag search without the verified tweets option selected

Within a snapshot of 100 tweets, verified tweets (including retweets and replies) include tweets from a mix of senators, politicians, major brands, journalists and activists usually advocating net neutrality. As there are fewer verified users on Twitter, tweets span over a longer time frame but they reach a much larger number of people due to the high following of verified accounts.

A snapshot of tweets from unverified users on the other hand for the same hashtag are much more conversational (and sometimes confrontational) in tone and include replies to and retweets from verified accounts

Reasons to search for tweets from verified accounts:

  1. Can aid research in finding reactions from well known people and brands
  2. For big news events, it can be easier to find out what’s going on
  3. Less chance for analytics and data to be skewed by bots or other automated non-verified accounts
  4. Tweets from verified handles usually have more impact as they will be seen by a much greater number of people
  5. Verified Twitter accounts are often more trusted and authoritative as they have been verified by Twitter
  6. Tweets from verified users can often yield better quality results

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