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Due to Twitter API changes outside our control, we are sad to say (and like many other Twitter tools facing the same fate) Social Bearing is no longer operational. Annoucement here.

New feature: Tweet layout mode

27 March, 2016 by Tom

We’ve recently added a new feature to allow the tweet layout mode to be switched between the default grid view to a list based view. The layout mode button appears in the action bar above tweets and applies to all feeds including the regular tweet search, handle search and geolocated tweet search

List layout mode activated for the Twitter search 'Easter'

List layout mode activated for the Twitter search ‘Easter’

The ‘list’ view removes the display of images and arranges tweets in stacked rows. This usually allows more tweets to be viewed on screen at once and makes it easier to view tweets when sorting by metrics such as retweets, reach and engagement rate.

Feedback always welcome


  • Jamari says:


    Please clarify what time zone does the tweets over time graph use..

    • Tom says:

      Hi Jamari,

      The time zone the graph uses should be local to where you are. However there was a bug incorrectly displaying the tweets an hour later than they should (due to daylight saving hours in some places) if you want to check again


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