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Due to Twitter API changes outside our control, we are sad to say (and like many other Twitter tools facing the same fate) Social Bearing is no longer operational. Annoucement here.

Find tweets in a specific language

20 April, 2017 by Tom

Twitter supports 62 popular languages and automatically assigns a language to each tweet. Although Twitter may sometimes incorrectly flag a tweet in the wrong language, the automatic tagging is usually accurate.

A Social Bearing Twitter search allows anyone to find and search for tweets using the language drop down in the advanced search form.

Find tweets by language using the advanced search form

When building the query to send to Twitter, the lang: operator is used along with the 2 letter language ISO code. For example lang:fr would search for French tweets. A language based search can be used by itself without any keywords, or combined with a regular search term and other operators. See more about other search operators

A language based Twitter search could be useful for the following

  1. Searching tweets for a hashtag or keyword in a specific language
  2. Finding tweets from a certain language containing a website URL
  3. Finding all recent tweets in a given language, irrespective of  other keywords or search terms
  4. Avoiding language based ambiguity when using the same word that has different meanings in different languages
  5. Finding geo-located tweets from a particular location in a certain dialect

You can also filter any Social Bearing Twitter search by language, even without selecting a language from the search options. The language filter is generated automatically based on the detected languages within each tweet.

Generated language filter for tweets

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